Session 15

Panic! at the Concert

Previously on Nautilus…

While at the concert for Angus and Julia, the crew is taken back stage. While there, they meet up with various famous people, including Kamen Otri, a famous Science Fiction author born around the time of the LAI singularity, Zaphod Estevaz, a news reporter who recently came out with an exposé on piracy, Orta a famous Lai who serves as an ambassador and activist for Lai rights. The group talk amongst themselves for a while. Also, Phil Hernandez McCollin is on duty as a security guard, under the assumed name of Percival.

During the conversation, a reality news reporter, John Gardener, asks James Albright to do an interview. When James is pulled aside, John and his cameramen attack. The fight escalates when the rest of the crew catches on to the attempt. With help from Phil/Percival and air support from The Blackbird, they are able to subdue the cameramen. John nearly manages to escape, but he is stopped before he can.

Based on comments from John, the crew believes the assassination attempt came from one of the Nova Roma factions behind the bombing at Crossroads Station. James attempts to contact Gaia Aquila to let her know about the assassination attempt.


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