Session 16

Yet Another Fetch Quest

Previously on Nautilus…

While on Den, the crew receives a job from two CDE in the government to transport an experimental power generator from a research facility to an island. The CDE believe a different group may try to steal the generator on route, so they wanted to contact a third party under secrecy to do the transport.

The party picks up the item with now problems. However, as the party leaves the research lab, they are charged by a man in a trench coat. After subduing the man, the party is then attacked by a sniper. After stopping the sniper, the party uses air transport to go towards the island and radios for The Blackbird to meet them enroute. However, they are intercepted by six heavily armed air cars. A dog fight ensues. Eventually, the party is able to drive off the brigands.


hummingrain TMZ_Cinoros

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