Session 17

Oh, We're So Fucked

Previously on Nautilus…

While on Den, Mercutio is approached by Catherine Cortez, a co-star of his soap oprea. She requests that The Blackbird track down her sister, Carmen Cortez, a crew member of the exploration vessel the Lily Flower. The Blackbird leaves to go to the planet where the Lily Flower was sent to explore. When they attempt to land, they are blasted out of the sky by planetary defenses.

After crash landing, the crew finds the wreck of the Lily Flower and searches it. They find the crew holed up in the ship, including Carmen and Petra Petrovich. They take all supplied off of the ship, and head back to The Blackbird. Back at base, they crew works on repairing the ship while Violet explores the area, looking for the gun that hit them. She discovers a military base with two mass drivers and an airfield. Pen, one of the crew members of the Lily Flower, scouts around in Violet’s ship for more of the mass drivers, and discovers two other facilities. The Blackbird crashed landed in the middle of a defense network. The crew finished repairs on both Violet’s ship and The Blackbird while discussing their options.

To be continued…


hummingrain TMZ_Cinoros

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