James Albright

"I solve practical problems."

Ability Scores

STR 12 +1
DEX 15 +2
CON 14 +2
INT 18 +4
WIS 14 +2
CHA 8 -1


AC: 12, touch 10, flat-footed 10 [Armor: 0, Dex: 2, Dodge: 0]
HP: 14 (1d12, 12 + CON)
Fort + 3, Ref + 5, Will + 3 (Saves + 1 /+ 3/ + 1 Base, Lightning Reflexes)


Speed 30 ft
Melee: + 2
Ranged: + 3
Ranged (Idem 92F): + 4 (+ 5 Point Blank Shot)
Melee (Knife): + 1
Ranged (Knife): + 3 (+ 4 Point Blank Shot)

Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Magazine Size Weight
Knife 1d4 19-20 Piercing 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb
Idem Eagle (.50AE autoloader) 2d8 20 Ballistic 40 ft. S 8 Box Medium 4 lbs

Effective Level 1 (2100 XP)
BAB +1
Feats Lightning Reflexes, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Zero-G Training
Class Abilities
Skills Acrobatics +4, Computer Use +4, Craft (Chemical) +1, Craft (Mechanical) +3, Craft (Electronic) +3, Demolitions +2, Disable Device +4, Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +2, Knowledge (Tech) +2, Perception +4, Pilot +1, Repair +4, Search +4
Languages English, Mandarin, CDE, Spanish, Latin


Microcomputer (with integrated cellular modem)
The recipient has a miniature computer attached to his nervous system, usually at the base of the skull.
Benefit: The recipient may attempt Computer Use checks as a move action, rather than a full-round action. The microcomputer reduces by half the time required to operate remotes. A data port in the back of the unit allows for the insertion of a standard interface cable (purchase DC 5), allowing the recipient to transfer data without the benefit of a modem.
Type: Internal
Hardness/Hit Points: -/4


Idem 92F (with licence)
Personal Communications Device
Data cable
Computer Card
Display Contacts
Mesh Vest
Electrical Kit
Mechanical Kit
Demolitions Kit (with license)
Duct Tape
Violet Rations
Portable glow lamp


Rank: Chief Petty Officer (Ret)
Age: 26

James Albright grew up in the (insert city) on Mars. Like most adolescents, he and his friend, Albert Wang, talked about leaving their planet to go exploring in Space. James was the gearhead and brains, while Albert was the adventurous “leader” of the group. Albert pleaded with James to go into the military with him, but James was not convinced until his high school sweet-heart, Victoria Albanez, announced she would be going into the military.

Together, the three of them joined the United Planets. James went to an engineer academy, Albert went to officer school, and Victoria disappeared into a classified program. Through the years, James and Albert kept up their correspondence, but Victoria was not heard from after that.

When James graduated, he was assigned to the (Battleship? Class?) Ulysses and served under Captain Alexander Monroe. James also befriended the chief engineer, a CDE named Frank Sinatra. Aboard the Ulysses, James was involved in (insert name of war). During his service, he became very knowledgeable and also had a microcomputer cybernetic implant to enhance his engineering abilities.

After serving his military term, James retired from the military with the rank Chief Petty Officer. He keeps in touch with James and Frank, who he considers friends, and sends the occasional message to Captain Monroe, who he sees as a mentor.

When he came to Crossroads, James was fairly fresh out of the military, looking to get his first civilian job.

James Albright

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