Crockett Widow

For the discerning assault force.

Name Type Equipment Bonus Nonprof. Bonus Max Dex Bonus Armor Penalty Speed Weight Purchase DC Restriction
Crockett Widow Tactical/Medium +5 +2 +4 -2 25 ft 8 lbs 23 Mil (+3)

Other Features
Integrated Equipment: Flashlight, Retractable Duracord, Grapple
Storage Compartment x1
Environmental Seal


Designed originally for use in the United Planets special forces, this armor has aged well and is now found available for civilian use. Despite its strict licensing requirements, many individuals are able to obtain it through the sale of old military surplus and mass auctions. It offers unparalleled protection and is very lightweight, allowing for unprecedented freedom of movement while still providing top-notch protection.

Crockett Widow

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