Session 13
The Shopping Montage

Previously on Nautilus…

The Blackbird leaves for Crossroads Station. They spend time shopping and getting mutations and cybernetic implants. Prior to leaving, they pick up passengers, including Penny O’Hara and Sky, who are going to Den, the CDE homeworld, for vacation, and a six other people. While in line for the jump gate, the crew notice a news story about two pop stars, Angus and Julia, disappearing. Those missing pop stars turn out to be two of the passengers, with two other passengers being their personal assistants Estran and Naida.

On the CDE homeworld, Joan Darnell meets up with Orion, an old friend of hers who is the bartender of Celestial Waters, and James meets up with Jr. Lt. Albert Wang.

Session 12
This is just a test...

Previously on Nautilus…

The party goes towards the mysterious signal that Sgt. Lotter told James Albright about. As The Blackbird approaches the signal, they are hailed by a nearly invisible space station and forced to dock with the station. The crew and passengers are taken prisoner and put into holding cells.

After some time passes, the door the the cell for James, Maaka Evans, and Joan Darnell mysteriously opens up. They proceed to investigate the station, and discover that it is completely empty, save essential supplies, equipment, and a single person who appears to be Victoria Albanez, a high school friend and ex-girlfriend of James. She seems to have the personality of an artificial intelligence.

After a few days of exploration and experimentation, the party cannot find anything new. Eventually, they start questioning the Victoria look-alike. Eventually, James tries to interface with the AI. He finds an operating environment that uses space as a metaphor for data organization. He is eventually able to elevate his privileges. Further investigation leads to logs of conversations involving some of the 3rd Lieutenants, as well as for Victoria herself. Some of these logs indicate that the the crew is in an elaborate computer simulation, with the exit being two keys and a two locks.

James is able to obtain more information from the Victoria AI by claiming himself as a programmer. He uses the information to access the running parameters of the station simulation via the station’s computers. Using that access, he tracks down the location of the keys and the party collects the keys and use them to exit the simulation.

The crew of The Blackbird wake up in their beds 10 days after being apprehended, with the The Blackbird docked at jump station of the system and no logs or records for the intervening time. James finds the matchbox of a bar on the station in his pocket. He goes to bar, and has a message waiting for him from Victoria, apologizing for the inconvenience and warning him not to try to find her again.

James calls another high school friend, Jr. Lt. Albert Wang, and tells him that he has been in contact with Victoria. Albert tells James that he is currently on the CDE homeworld and invites him over.

Session 11
Space Station Shuffle

Previously on Nautilus…

The party boards Cerebus Station. Much of the station is depressurized and lacks power. The party investigates the docking bay and the nearby regions, and discovers blood and signs of violent struggle. They also find a pristine EU2A1 Mendez APC. As they go deeper into the station, they come across Phil Hernandez McCollin behind a shotgun trap. They give him medical aid to help with his leg. After more searching, they come across Dr. Emerson, who is cooking a frozen dinner and completely oblivious to the circumstances around him.

The party come across and dispatch two Cerebus Hounds, human sized dogs with strange protrusions and scales on their backs, and a larval Cerebus Hound. The party comes across various dead bodies while making their way to the command center. In the command center, they encounter a Final Stage Cerebus Hound, a large insectoid version of the Cerebus Hounds. James Albright gets a lucky shot through the left eye of the monster, instantly killing it. The party comes across a severely injured and unconscious person. Joan Darnell, Esmerelda Malik, and Chepi Porter take the unconscious person back to the Blackbird. While traveling there, they are ambushed by a Final Stage Cerebus Hound, and barely manage to fend it off and get back to The Blackbird.

The group in the command center copy all information they can off the computers, discovering that six people were able to escape the station a couple of days ago, and gaining access to the security system. While securing the rest of the station, they come across a group of larval Cerebus Hounds crowding around a door, which are dispatched with a frag grenade. They rescue Georgia Fitzgerald, a research assistant and intern for Dr. Emerson.

The group then proceed to the research lab spire. They stay clear of the lab area, which contains a Final Stage Cerebus hound, and find the armory. After getting past an automated turret, the group goes inside the armory, which is guarded by Zach. They take supplies from the armory and proceed through the rest of the spire, finding Pandesh Johnson and Olivia Hunt. At the top floor of the spire are three Final Stage Cerebus Hounds. The party puts out three automated turrets, gets the attention of the hounds, then run away. While they wait for the carnage to stop, a man comes out of the elevator shaft after the elevator falls down under the weight of a Final Stage Cerebus Hound and his power armor. They retrieve two other people.

The group then has a rendezvous with the rest of the party. Together, they secure the engineering bay, killing another Final Stage Cerebus Hound. They then vent all of the atmosphere in the station. While returning to The Blackbird, they are attacked by a Final Stage Cerebus Hound, who then chokes to death. The party then leaves the station in their ship.

Session 10
Hilarity on Mars

Previously on Nautilus…

After searching through the data uncovered from Maximus Quintus’ estate, the party is able to link the Crossroads Station bombing plot to various midlevel senators. Gaia Aquila takes over for the investigation. The party is rewarded for their work and returns to Crossroads Station. They look for work, and Joan Darnell is makes contact with Pinstripe at the Red Carpet bar. Joan is given a tip for how to get escort contracts. The party takes a contract to escort Penelope Rias to Mars.

While on Crossroads, James Albright discovers a note in his pocket from his former girlfriend, Victoria Albanez, with a message to tell Albert Wang that she is ok. James goes to Sgt. Lotter, who is not able to find any evidence of Victoria, but gives him various secret frequencies to monitor.

While en route to Mars, Penelope’s assistants/indentured servants, Theodore Salim and Butterfly Temple come to Maaka Evans, requesting help in getting out of their contract to Penelope. Maaka and Joan Darnell conspire to hide the servants from Penelope. When they get to Mars, Penelope gives her servants a high-voltage shock via their slave collars. The two confront Penelope and argue with her. During the argument, Maaka attacks Penelope, who then calls for the police.

The police take Penelope’s side of the argument, and proceed to chase after the escaping servants and Maaka. The lot are eventually taken to the local jail. Maaka presents forged documents showing the servants as free, but the police do not accept the documents in light of Penelope’s contracts. During the discussion, Esmerelda Malik breaks the servants out of prison. The group then makes a break for The Blackbird, and the ship cuts in front of the line to the jump gate.

The ship is taken to the <?> system, 10 days away from Mars. The jump gate will not be turned on for another week, so the party asks the authorities if there is any thing that they can help out with. They are told that there are various unknown ships near the Cerebus Station that they can investigate. The ship proceeds to the station. While en route, the ship detects a signal on one of the secret channels, originating from a location a couple of days past Cerebus Station.

Session 9
Wine tasting at the snuff dungeon

Previously on Nautilus…

During the meeting with the Nova Roma diplomat Gaia Aquila, the party is able to secure the diplomat’s cooperation in investigating the bombing of Crossroads Station, despite Joan Darnell’s accusations of Nova Roma complicity. The investigation leads to Ganymede, the seventh moon of Jupiter.

When the party arrives, they start tracing the identity of the anonymous patron of the members of the Bloody Sundays that participated in the bombing. Their investigation leads them to Maximus Quintus, a local noble on Ganymede and owner of a vineyard. The party contacts a local small arms dealer by the name of Maximus Ehren. They are able to collect various tidbits about the noble. Also, they acquire a geological survey of his estate.

Next, the party goes to the estate under the guise of touring the place and having a wine tasting. Joan and Maaka Evans have a mock fight as a distraction, as James Albright, Violet, and Holmes (?) look for the computer room. While sneaking around, they take out a servant, and find the computer room, which is guarded by two soldiers. The group take out the guards, and hack the computers. They are able to uncover a lot of information, including a large collection of snuff films created by Quintus.

The party leaves the estate and contacts Aquila, who sends police to arrest Quintus for his snuff films.

Session 8
The One With the Nukes

Previously on Nautilus…

The next morning, while James Albright and Maaka Evans are working out, Evan McCleary joins them. Near the end of the workout, he starts questioning them about why they were breaking into people’s quarters. James explains to Evan that he believes Adam, Owens, and Johnson were responsible for the bombing of Crossroads Station. Even convenes a meeting, during which he locks the three in an escape pod named the Wastebasket and politely asks all members of the Bloody Sundays to help in the investigation.

After a week of investigating, Morrigan Station is attacked by an unidentified Marathon-class starship of Centurion make. The Marathon targets the Wastebasket. Before it can fire, The Blackbird, the Agrona, and Yuri Slavin’s fighter attack the ship to get its attention. Unfortunately, the Marathon is vastly more powerful than the ultralight ships. Eventually, the Marathon gets a lucky shot, disabling the Blackbird.

Fortunately, the day is saved by the arrival of the The Ulysses. However, before the Marathon can be taken, it self destructs. Afterwards, crew explain everything to Captain Monroe. The incident leads to a diplomatic meeting at the Pluto Neutral Zone with Nova Roma.

The primary United Planets ambassador was not available, so Joan Darnell had to take her place. However, Joan angers Gaia Aquila when she floats various conspiracy theories implicating Nova Roma.

To be continued…

Session 7
The One With the Lai and the Bloody Sundays

Previously on Nautilus…

After being attacked, the crew interrogate the braincase of the Lai, who reveals her name as Unit 87 or Violet. She indicates she was hired to kill only Maaka Evans. After some negotiation, the crew purchases Violet’s contract and rebuilds her frame.

Next, the crew looks for their next mission. Amongst the available options were quelling a rebellion in Nova Roma territory, helping outlying colonies with pirates, and helping with the investigation of the bombing of Crossroads Station. The investigation has hit a dead end, so the crew decides to help. After a week of investigation, the crew is able to trace a lead to the Bloody Sundays mercenary group, which specializes in demolitions.

The crew travels to Jupiter Station in the Sol system. They meet with an information broker in the Galilean Hotel Bar who calls himself Mr. Phillips. Mr. Phillips sells them information about Bloody Sundays, as well as blueprints for their station. Next, they meet with Irene Punjal, owner of the Gravel Pit and friend of Ryzyrxyz “Rocky” Sardolov. He shares what he knows of the Bloody Sundays, revealing that they are regulars at his bar.

The crew meet with members of the Bloody Sundays, including their leader Evan McCleary. They pose as potential recruits and a journalist. They are subjected to two tests. Rocky must fight Evan’s cousin in hand-to-hand combat, while James Albright must disarm an explosive. Both tests are passed handily. The crew then goes to the Bloody Sunday’s station, Morrigan Station.

While on Morrigan Station, Joan Darnell seduces Jaden, a CDE member of the Bloody Sundays, while James and Violet sneak into his room. They are able to hack his system and find a journal, indicating that he suspects Adam of being up to something. They then sneak into Adam’s room. They find him passed out, but Violet makes sure he stays asleep by hiting him in the face sedating him. They “hack” his computer and find more evidence linking him and his two friends, Owens and Johnson, to the bombing of Crossroads.

To be continued…

Session 6
A fine party

Previously on Nautilus…

Upon arriving at Crossroads Station, the crew publishes its various scientific papers related to the Xenomorph ruins found on Pi Mensae B. The crew is also invited to a diplomatic event scheduled for later on in the week due to their newfound fame.

At the event, all of the crew members mingle with the crowd, talking to old friends and acquaintances who are also at the event. Gaia Aquila, chief diplomat of Noma Roma, grants the crew a generous monetary reward in recognition of their discovery of the Xenomorph ruins and their “service to humanity.”

Later on in the evening, the crew gets a message claiming that the sender has important information that they would want to see and requesting that they meet the sender in Diamond Shoals Garden, a dome-enclosed garden near the party’s building. When the crew enters the dome, the door shuts closed and the lights turn out. Maaka Evans is attacked, almost exclusively. The crew is able to determine that the gun fire is coming from a catwalk on the ceiling of the dome. James Albright, and Yuri Slavin climb up the catwalk, Joan Darnell jumps up to the catwalk, Ryzyrxyz “Rocky” Sardolov defends Maaka as he attempts to break down the door. The assailant turns out to be the LAI that had assaulted Maaka on the Bouncing Betty.

The entire crew is almost taken out, with Rocky’s medical attention proving the decisive factor in the battle. Eventually, the LAI is taken out, and help eventually arrives.

Session 5

Previously on Nautilus…

After the encounter with the xenomorph, the crew ransacks explores the underwater habitat, finding more xenomorph artifacts. However, much of the station is inaccessible. The crew returns to the surface. Chepi is able to contact United Planets, who send a science team to meet The Blackbird.

After waiting 6 weeks, Freighter A59 enters the star system. The Blackbird docks inside the ship, and the crew transfer over. On board, they meet three 3rd Lieutenants, Peabody, Holmes, and Adler. While talking with them, the crew notices oddities, such as indications that they are not as they seem, such as hints they are more senior than their rank shows. The crew also meets Dr. Poirot and Dr. Panther. Additionally, a mysterious vehicle is on the ship, covered in a tarp.

The crew pass the next 6 weeks of their return trip examining the xenotechnology or making various types of mischief. Upon arriving at Crossroads Station, the scientists, James, “Rocky,” and Chepi publish papers related to the the xenomorphs.

Session 4

Previously on Nautilus…

While investigating the Xenomorph space station in orbit of Pi Mensae B, our protagonists come across various Xenomorph artifacts, including a silver cube, what appears to be a glass cutter, and a torch that works underwater. Joan Darnell and “Rocky” happen stumble upon an escape pod, which takes off with them inside. The escape pod hurtles toward the nearly habitable planet. When the escape pod makes planetfall, it lands in an ocean. Joan is able to escape, while Rocky skinks like a stone.

The Blackbird land and finds Joan, but has difficulty finding Rocky. After searching the shoreline, Rocky is found, who has also discovered an underwater habitat. A xemomorph submarine is found. The crew figures out how to pilot it, and goes down into the underwater habitat.

While exploring the habitat, the crew finds an unknown xenomorph, which is insectoid. Maaka Evans believes the xenomorph to be hostile and attacks it. The xenomorph assaults Maaka and others with mental attacks, projecting false stimuli to them. Eventually, the crew is able to establish contact with the xenomorph, who reveals through mental impressions that it is a guardian of the habitat. When agression ceases and communication finishes, the xenomorph withdrawls to the ceiling where it was perched.

To be continued…


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