Tag: military


  • Socrates

    The United Planets ship Socrates is a large military cruiser ((Exact ship class?)) headed by Captain Petrov Slavin. Its primary mission is peacekeeping on the fringes of UP space, but the ship is often recalled to less remote areas to support other …

  • Penny O'Hara

    Lives on Crossroads Station and has for over three years. Is one of the few cops in the city. Has a noted predilection/weakness for Cairdeil-Eile, and is often found on their decks in her off hours. Known to be one of the best investigators on the …

  • Sean Lotter

    A former special-forces military man forcibly reassigned to do police work on Crossroads Station. Despite his advanced age (just over 60), is the police force's heavy assault person, due to his extensive experience. Doesn't often talk about the old days …

  • Samuel Crewed

    A Private recently assigned to crossroads station. Serves directly under [[:sean-lotter | Sgt. Lotter]]. Young and naive, originally from the moon. Lanky, over six feet, with shaggy blonde hair. Originally worked on something resembling a farm.