Crossroads Station


Crossroads station is a massive space station, orbiting the lonely star of Gliese 674. It was placed here because of Gliese 674’s near-equidistance from Sol and Gliese 581, putting it the same distance away from the CDE and Human homeworlds. This system was also selected because it is very nearly empty, although there is a lone planet, Gliese 674b, that orbits extremely close to the sun. The station itself orbits the star on the same plane as the planet but in a much wider arc, which leads to stunning solar eclipses every few days.

Crossroad’s main industries are travel and tourism. Due to the relative emptiness of the system, and the age of the station (it was originally established shortly after Patricia Lockwell made first physical contact with the CDE), this station has four wormhole gates, instead of the usual one or two. It has become an enormous hub for travelers, and almost all long-distance interstellar flights end up passing through Crossroads.

The population of Crossroads rivals of that of a large Martian city, and is divided into five levels. Humans occupy levels one and three of the station (as numbered bottom-up), whereas CDE live on levels two and four. The fifth level has its gravity in-between CDE and human gravity, at roughly 2.3 G’s, leading it to be “uncomfortable for everyone,” but seen as a prime place for interspecies interaction.

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Crossroads Station

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