The Blackbird

Vital Statistics

Name: The Blackbird
Type: Ultralight
Sub-type: Taliesin-class Scout
Size: Colossal (-8)
Length: 150 feet
Weight: 600 tons
Crew: 8
Passengers: 8
Cargo Capacity: 30 tons


Hit Dice: 15d20 (300 HP)
Defense: 7 (+ 4 vs missles and ballistic weapons)
Flat-footed Defense: 5
Autopilot Defense: 7 (Autopilot cannot take evasive action)
Hardness: 30 (Vanadium Armor)
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: + 2
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: + 5 (+ 2 base, + 3 Targeting System)
Grapple Modifier: +16

Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of Fire Minimum Ship Size Restriction
Gauss gun (x2 linked) 12d12 (78) 20 Ballistic 4,000 ft. Single1 Gargantuan Res (+2)
Neutron gun, heavy (x2 linked) 15d8 (67) 20 Energy 6,000 ft. Single Colossal Mil (+3)
Point-Defense System 1d12 x 102 Ballistic 500 ft.3 Lic (+1)

1. With a successful Repair check (DC 30) and 1 hour of work, this weapon can be modified for semiautomatic or automatic fire mode. Resetting the weapon to its original configuration requires another check and another hour of labor.
2. A point-defense system has a 20% chance of destroying any incoming missile. A destroyed missile deals no damage to the ship.
3. A starship equipped with a point-defense system threatens the space it occupies as well as all adjacent 500-foot squares. When making an attack of opportunity, the point-defense system rolls 1d20 and adds the ship’s targeting system bonus on the roll. If the result equals or exceeds the enemy ship’s Defense, the point-defense weapons deal ballistic damage based on the ship’s type, as shown in Table: Point-Defense Systems. Point-defense systems cannot score critical hits.


  • Engines: Thrusters, Ion Engine
  • Armor: Vanadium Armor
  • Defense Systems: Improved autopilot system, Improved damage control system (2d10), Radiation Shielding, Magnetic Field, Point-defense System
  • Sensors: Class III Sensor Array, Targeting System
  • Communications: Radio Transceiver, Ansible Line x1
  • Grappling Systems: Grapplers

Current Crew

The Blackbird

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